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Brewery Offers Employees 'Pawternity' Leave

February 21, 2017

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Will A Fox's Dehydrated Lady Parts Help You Find Love ?

February 16, 2017


Daily Mail - Single South Korean women are carrying dehydrated fox vaginas in their handbags to give them good luck when hunting for love.  


One named Kim Min-Kyeong carries the small genitalia in a pouch everywhere she goes.


She paid £240 for the strange item which had been blessed by a shaman.


The female shaman told her 'it has the power to attract people and it will help you get a man.'



Probably going to get fired for googling dehydrated fox vagina on my work computer. I put the picture at the bottom of the article so you don’t have to ruin your search history. Not all heroes wear capes. 


When I first read this article, I thought it sounded like absolute horse shit, but then I remembered when I was in 5th grade I believed a lucky rabbits foot would help me with math tests. I actually believed in them so hard that I wore a necklace with 5 rabbits feet on it for every math test. This is probably a good time to mention I went to a horse back riding camp in 5th grade. Rabbit foot necklace isn't so weird any more now, is it? 


If some horny Korean chicks want to carry around some dried out fox vaginas in their hand bags in hopes that it gets them some action, I am all for it. After all, if I believed that a rabbits foot I acquired with tickets at a Chuck E. Cheese was going to work, you bet your ass I’m believe a dried out fox cooch blessed by a real life Shaman is going to work. 



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