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Brewery Offers Employees 'Pawternity' Leave

February 21, 2017

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Drake Offered to Help Stop a Suicide Attempt

February 20, 2017

BET - “… the incident occurred after the “Take Care” rapper had just wrapped up a concert in the city from his Boy Meets World tour.


When his bus became stuck in traffic on the Mancunian Way bridge, [Drake] learned that it was from a suicidal incident in which officers had closed down certain roads and were attempting to talk the man off of the bridge. One of the officers present at the scene reported that a member from the rap star’s entourage approached officers and told them that Drake would be willing to help the suicide situation if in any way possible.


Though his chivalrous volunteering was turned down, Manchester Evening News reports that officers were still safely able to bring the man off of the bridge and transport him to a local hospital for assessment.”


The question is: If I am ready to end it all, do I want Drake there by my side to help me step down off the ledge? It all depends on what Drake is going to show up; “Depressing, Feelings Drake” or “Poppin’ Bottles, Spending Money Drake”.  On one hand you have “Feelings Drake,” who I’m going to need to stay as far away from as possible when I am depressed. Nothing worse than being a few drinks in and hearing depressing Drake come on with lyrics like, “'Im scared that every girl I care for will find a better man and end up happier in the long run.” Yeah, cool Drake. Thinking about my exes and every mistake I have made in my relationships is exactly what I wanted to do on a Friday night at the bar. On the other hand, if “Poppin’ Bottles” Drake shows up, let that mother fucker through. This dude had the “whole club going up on a Tuesday."  It’s hard enough to get your friends to go out on the weekends, but Drake had everyone out and ready to throw down on a Tuesday? He’d have no problem getting me to not jump off the bridge. 


The only thing that bothers me about this story is the fact that Drake was too lazy to go tell the cops he would help. Drake sent someone to do it for him. Dude, your legs were broken in Degrassi but they are good now. Walk off the bus and go ask for yourself. 


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